What we offer

We offer the industry’s most quality product line and engineering support services. We strive for excellence in the products we offer and in the services we provide.

We supply QUALITY Aluminum Composite Panels & Fiber Cement Board

CPSI is proud to introduce in the philippine market: ALPOLIC/fr (acp), Mineralis and EQUITONE (fcb). Innovative materials used in the construction industry today due to its QUALITY , RIGIDITY , EFFICIENCY and etc.


Condo remodeling

Our extensive experience as a credible supplier of high quality aluminum composite panels and fibre cements expand for remodeling buildings with our expert construction team.



We collaborate with the architects with regards to their desired design or cutting list for Aluminum composite panels (acp).


Special Projects

Our success in this sector of our industry is based on our belief that the clients concerns and requirements always come first. We design and build according to what clients desire.


Interior design

We make interior spaces functional, safe, and excellent by determining space requirements and selecting what is best for the project. Considering blueprints and awareness of building codes and inspection regulations.


Metal roofing

 Aluminum is a lightweight metal that’s easy to process, but ALPOLIC is more lightweight per equivalent rigidity and even easier to process. That’s why ALPOLIC has been used for civil works, housing and vehicles and an alternative to aluminum.


House renovation

Alpolic/fr is recognized as the most suitable material for external claddings and used for landmark projects around the world. That’s why CPSI don’t just restore your home but we Innovate your home.


Cleaning services

We our accepting Glass and Aluminum composite panels cleaning appointments. We want to see your structure clean and look new for the eye of your customers. Cleaning services can be purchased in various quantities to fit your need and budget.

Our Latest Project made of ALPOLIC.

ALPOLIC™ is Aluminum Composite Material ( ACM) for the worldwide construction industry. It is not only a reasonable alternative to solid aluminum sheets, but also a material distinguished by its unique features. Its light weight, high rigidity, excellent flatness and long-lasting coating qualities are just what the construction industry has been looking for.